About Sumira

Sumira Malik was born in Toronto and has had the privilege of living in Eastern (Nova Scotia, Quebec) and Western (Alberta) Canada. She returned to Mississauga Centre in 2011 and has been living there ever since.

Malik has a BBA degree from the University of Toronto and worked on a policy brief at York University when she decided to pursue a BSC in psychology. She completed the degree progress at York University and is awaiting graduation, which was delayed by the outbreak of COVID-19. Malik is currently taking elective courses outside of her major disciplines to expand her horizons in political science. Malik hopes to pursue graduate school in the near future.

Malik is an advocate for mental health and she was a research assistant for a primary researcher at Harvard University examining the Smoking in Schizophrenia (SCZ) & Personality Dimensions. She also worked on a policy brief project on HIV AIDS prevalence in Indigenous communities in Canada. Malik volunteered in hospitals, clinics, homeless shelters, food banks and charitable organizations since she was a young girl and has a driving passion for being a helping hand in the world.

Malik is looking forward to being one of the youngest candidates for this riding.

"I am thankful for this unique opportunity. 30 under 30 has provided me with a platform as a young person to help implement change. I am very proud to represent the various communities in Mississauga Centre in the upcoming election." Sumira Malik